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The Canberra College Sports Academy caters for students in a wide range of individual and team sports as players, coaches and umpires.

Students selected in this program will be enrolled in the Sports Development Course of study which will enable them to enhance their sporting talents in their chosen sport whilst maintaining their academic studies in a caring college environment.

The Sports Development Course is an accredited course which will form part of the successful applicant's academic package leading to the award of an ACT Year 12 Certificate.

Some examples of the topics which will be covered over the two years are:

Fitness assessment
Training programs and routines
Psychology of sport
Communications and media
Time management
Drugs in sport

Canberra College Sports Academy Students in the Sports Academy continue to work with their own coaches and receive support for their programs from the college.  Training diaries are important tools of communication between the individual's coach and the college. The training diaries are the major assessment component for the course.
Conditioning refers to fitness training types including weights, circuits, boxercise, interval, endurance activities (running, cycling, swimming) etc.

Students are required to undertake a strength and conditioning program at Elite Physique. The College has close links with Elite Physique, where gym membership for Canberra College Sports Development students is determined accordingly.

All students must be involved in a conditioning program and will attend the Gym during the double lesson each week. Special circumstances may apply to athletes in specific and specialized training programs and sports.

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be required:

To demonstrate sporting commitment and/or achievement in the Selected sport as well as a positive attitude to their academic program

Students must be a member of a sporting organisation, association, club or team and be actively participating in a competition format.

To provide contact details for a current coach who could support your Application if required (supporting statement not required)

How to Apply

Submit the completed application form to the Canberra College Sports Academy staff.

Application Form (pdf) or (doc) Application to:

Canberra College
Sports Academy Coordinator
2 Launceston St, Phillip 2606