The Canberra College has Registered Training Organisation (RTO) status.

RTO Status: Canberra College t/a South Weston Network 88008.

RTO status allows us to offer and deliver vocational education courses and services, and issue nationally recognised qualifications through the BSSS (the Board of Senior Secondary Studies).

Canberra College is the auspicing RTO for the South Weston Network, which includes Narrabundah College. Course details below refer to Canberra College only.

Training packages may be offered from the list below:

  • Business Services  (see Commerce and Legal Studies in the College Handbook)
  • Hospitality (see Hospitality & Food Studies in the College Handbook)
  • Information Technology (see Information Technology in the College Handbook)
  • Music Industry (see Arts in the College Handbook), and
  • Tourism (see Tourism Studies in the College Handbook).

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Vocational Education

Vocational Education and Training (VET) is a term used to describe education and training arrangements designed to prepare students for work or to improve relevant skills and knowledge (nationally recognised competencies) in order to gain certification for either articulation into CIT courses or directly into further employment.

VET programs offer students a wide range of educational experiences directly involved with work and career opportunities.

The Canberra College has developed a comprehensive vocational education curriculum in order to provide students with the relevant skills, knowledge and attitudes necessary for their entry into employment, training and further education
(See link below to Student Vet Handbook)

Recognition of Prior Learning
If a student has already had experience that may be relevant to a vocational course that they intend to enrol in, they are entitled to seek acknowledgement of this experience through 'Recognition of Prior Learning', known as 'RPL'.
RPL is available to all students who enrol in a vocational course at the college.
If you apply for RPL you will be asked to supply evidence to support your application. This evidence may include examples of relevant life experiences, work experiences, details of study or training, and references from people who can confirm your claim.

Credit Transfer for Students
Students with vocational qualifications from the Canberra College are entitled to Credit Transfer in relevant courses to other Registered Training Organisation. (RTOs). Credit Transfer ensures that students do not need to repeat training for competencies that they have already achieved.

Unique Student Identifier
As of January 2015 all VET students are required to have a Unique Student Identifier (USI) before they can receive any formal documentation relating to a VET qualification. To generate a USI see your VET teacher or visit the website www.usi.gov.au.

Your VET co-ordinator will need to verify the USI, please ensure that you bring identification such as a driver’s licence, Medicare card or passport.

Australian School Based Apprenticeships (ASBA)What is an ASBA
An ASBA is an  Australian School Based Apprenticeship  that is part-time and flexible. An ASBA opens a lot of new doors for students and business. Year 11 and 12 students can spend up to two full days per week on-the-job and complete their Year 12 Certificate along with a nationally recognised certificate (usually at Certificate II or Certificate III Level).  The college has access to a wide range of employee networks within the ACT and can assist in the facilitation of Australian School Based Apprenticeships.

ASBA's are available in a wide variety of industries including: Animal Studies, Horticulture, Panel Beating, Hospitality, Building & Construction, IT, Business Administration,  Library, Multimedia, Electro-Technology, Music, Engineering, Pharmacy, Floristry, Retail, Hairdressing and  Sports Administration.

Why you should consider an ASBA?

  • You gain a nationally recognised qualification at the appropriate certificate level
  • It makes you stand out from a crowd
  • It gives you valuable on the job experience and work contacts
  • It contributes to further training in your chosen industry area
  • In many cases it can lead to full time employment - traineeships/apprentices after you leave college
  • You get credit towards your ACT Year 12 certificate, and
  • You get paid a national training wage.
Students who are currently enrolled in VET courses are required to complete classroom satisfaction surveys every semester.

For further information regarding Vocational Education or the Canberra College as an RTO please refer to our:

2022 Canberra College  VET Student Handbook

For further information regarding VET at Canberra College, please contact the Executive Teacher in charge of VET on 61423297.

Visit ACT ED Vocational Education and Training (VET) for the latest information.