Robot made by IT students Science students in lab coats conducting experiment Students on excursion at Montague Island


In Science courses at Canberra College, students are able to experience the diversity of scientific discoveries in Biology, Human Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Interdisciplinary Science.

The Sciences embrace the concept that we know, understand and learn about the world through an interactive process we call the scientific method. Our students strive to be thinkers, open minded and reflective in their studies, and to celebrate diversity and pursue excellence.

Students who are enrolled in the Interdisciplinary Science course will be given the opportunity to complete an independent project. This may involve collaboration with CSIRO in a Silver Crest program or the Science Mentors ACT program where they will be matched with a scientist and complete independent work under the supervision and within the field of work of the scientist.

The Science Mentors ACT program provides a pathway for students in the ACE program at Melrose High School so they can continue with more mentor projects or extend one already complete.

All students are encouraged to embrace the opportunities to participate in the ANU Secondary College programs in Science, the Pre-Med program, become QUESTACON Explainers, join the National Youth Forum, and participate in the many Science competitions and challenges that are offered over the two years.

Science Faculty Information Flyer

For further information regarding Science at Canberra College, please contact the Executive Teacher on 6142 3288.