About Us

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Our Vision Statement

Canberra College is a diverse community that values learning, innovation, opportunity and excellence.

Canberra College expresses its values in four main statements:

  • Value Learning - all students and staff are learners and value this primary function of the school
  • Celebrate Diversity - staff and students demonstrate acceptance and tolerance of each individual and promote inclusivity at the college
  • Embrace Opportunity - there is individualised and collective opportunity available to staff and students who work to take advantage of these, and
  • Pursue Excellence - habitually strive to improve and develop as individuals and as a collective.

In demonstrating the college values, we will...

  • Value the contributions of others
  • Relate to each other in a fair, decent and professional manner
  • Be open to change and innovation
  • Focus on learning and be habitual learners
  • Work with one another to reach shared goals, and
  • Look for ways to continuously improve our outcomes.

Canberra College maintains high expectations of all its students in terms of academic performance, behaviour and service to the wider community. Our student body is characterised by diversity in academic interests and cultural backgrounds.  We cater for the full academic range of students and seek to set them on the pathway to achieving their goals.

We proudly promote our Performing Arts Centre which includes Dance and Drama studios and an acoustically designed Music Room with rehearsal rooms and recording studio. CCPAC has a  fully equipped professional 174 seat theatre as its centrepiece.

In March 2015, Minister Burch opened our new CCCares Building which houses the national award-winning program, CCCares. This very highly respected and well recognised program offers the opportunity for young parents to complete their Senior Secondary Certificate and gain vocational qualifications in a supported environment.