Maths students Maths students Maths students at ANU maths day 2012

The Mathematics faculty offers courses to students with a diverse range of abilities.

The Mathematics faculty offers a range of enrichment activities which encourage students to pursue Excellence. There is the annual Maths Camp after which a team is selected to represent the College at the ANU Mathematics Day.

Students also have the opportunity to enter a range of competitions including:

  • the Australian Mathematics Competition
  • the NSW University Mathematics Competition, and
  • the Australian Informatics Competition.

Students with a strong ability in Mathematics embrace the opportunity to complete a double major ensuring they are very well prepared for tertiary study involving Mathematics.

A diverse range of technology is used in the Mathematics faculty.

The faculty has high expectations of all students and strives to create an environment that values learning.

Mathematics Faculty Information Flyer

For further information regarding Maths at Canberra College, please contact the Executive Teacher on 6142 3307.