Canberra College Library

The Library is an integral part of the teaching and learning at Canberra College. A wealth of curated resources and services is targeted specifically to the academic and recreational needs of students. We support all students to develop twenty-first century information and critical-thinking skills. The Library encourages students to use resources responsibly for learning.

Teachers in the Library are available to support students with learning and research tasks.

This includes understanding task requirements, locating reliable sources of information, referencing and academic writing. Teacher Librarians also work with class teachers to deliver lessons in critical thinking, academic integrity, and other important information skills.


Canberra College Library is continually developing an extensive curriculum-focused collection, targeted at Year 11 & 12 students and teachers.

Our digital resources include:

The Canberra College Library website provides students with resource lists, research guides and advice on research and study, for access at college or at home. This website can only be accessed by students currently enrolled at Canberra College. Students can access the Canberra College Library website, via Oliver from the Digital Backpack.

Physical collections

The non-fiction collection is a rich resource developed to support students’ academic learning. Resources are purchased to target specific courses and assignment topics. Students are encouraged to request purchases to support their learning and recreational reading needs.

The Library has a dedicated Fiction Lounge, a quiet space for reading with high interest graphic novels and magazines. The expertly curated collection showcases the best in classic, new-release fiction and short stories.