Student Leadership Group

Canberra College Student Leadership Group

The Canberra College Student Leadership Group (SLG) offers unique opportunities for students to become further involved in both the College and local community. It is a fun way to form new friendships and build excellent leadership and representational roles. The SLG has a long history in developing student representatives and leaders through various engaging activities both in and out of school.

Students who join the SLG are given a unique opportunity to participate in extra-curricular activities that may otherwise not be available. A broad network of connection to charity & community organisations as well as national conferences (such as Rotary's Model United Nations Conference) becomes easily accessible when joining SLG.

The experience of this student group does not only look excellent on a Resume and give you the real life skills, but it also counts towards your Senior Secondary Certificate (giving you extra points towards your Tertiary or Accredited package).

The six Core Values of SLG

  1. School Representation - Representation to both external & internal groups: e.g attending youth summits and other conferences, school board meetings (internal).
  2. School Initiatives - Making the school a better place: e.g. campaigning for a larger student common area or contributing to cultural, sexual and non discriminatory initiatives.
  3. Community Service - Volunteer work within both school and the local Canberra community; aiming to help our society a better place: e.g. clean up Australia day.
  4. Peer Support & Advocacy - Supporting all of your peers when possible whoever they are: e.g. helping new students integrate better into college.
  5. Public Speaking - Making use of opportunities to further develop public speaking skills: e.g. MC for assembly, and
  6. Fundraising - Raising money for charity organisations or school initiatives: e.g. cake stalls for Pink Ribbon day.

Representatives of the school (SLG members) attend numerous events throughout the year including this year's Oaktree summit on world poverty and the ACT Government's Anti Racism conference.

Using information and inspiration from these conferences along with other suggestions from around the school the SLG comes up with policies and initiatives to improve the school environment such as poster campaigns against discrimination. The group also supports numerous local, national & international charities including the Oaktree Foundation, Red Rooftop, and OzHarvest Canberra. Support of these organisations is shown through a variety of activities such as fundraising, food collection and direct volunteering with the charity.

SLG members are also encouraged to find charities that they would personally like to support and engage the rest of the group in doing so.