Do you have a concern?

Canberra College is committed to establishing and nurturing positive partnerships between the college and our community.

Canberra College offers a wide range of both pastoral and support services for students. This support includes CC Connect (Advisory Group), student advisors as part of student services team and Safe and Supportive Schools Contact Officers (SASCO’s). Students may also access careers, work experience, and personal counselling services including school psychologists.

The Education Directorate (the Directorate) is committed to addressing the complaints it receives from parents, carers, students and members of the community about ACT public schools and the Directorate in a manner that is courteous, efficient, fair and prompt. The Directorate is also committed to establishing and nurturing positive partnerships between schools and their communities.

Concerns should initially be raised at the local level for instance, with the class teacher/ tutor/ pastoral care teacher/ subject teacher or student advisor.

The issue may then be referred to a supervising staff member / executive team member / student services team member and then to the principal if the concern has not been resolved.

If the matter is not resolved at the local level and you wish to make a complaint, the complainant may lodge a Written Complaint with the Manager, Liaison Unit at: or GPO Box 158 CANBERRA ACT 2601.

The Complaints Form is available on the Directorate’s website at