Technology, IT and Vocational Education

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Technology, IT and Vocational Education

The Technology, IT and Vocational Education Faculty at the Canberra College gives students the opportunity to study in some of the most exciting areas of human creativity and inventiveness.

This diverse faculty encompasses the following subjects:

  • Automotive Technology (A)
  • Business Services (V/A)
  • Design Technology (T/A)
  • Furniture Making (A)
  • Hospitality and Food Services (V/A)
  • Information Technology (T/V/A)
  • Metal Products (A)
  • Textiles and Fashion (T/A), and
  • Tourism Studies (T/A/V).

Our students embrace opportunities to pursue excellence in their course work through working with qualified and specialised Industry Trainers which helps to open doors to further training and employment. The College has many partnerships with local businesses and industries who mentor our students when engaged in Work Placements or who are involved in Australian School Based Apprenticeships such as The Hyatt, Crown Plaza, the Southern Cross Club, Commonwealth Motors, The Hellenic Club and many local restaurants. We are committed to continually developing these partnerships with industry to give our students the best opportunities possible. Students value learning and experience creative and practical activities that relate to applications of technology in the home, industry and the wider community.

Over the years many of our VET / Technology students have been recognised nationally and locally having won prestigious Vocational Awards. Our Hospitality students are often asked to assist with community fundraising events such as the annual Cystic Fibrosis Dinner in conjunction with the Hellenic Club. We also offer our students on the job training through the operation of our Cafe and Restaurant and work in conjunction with CCPAC for functions. CAD students develop skills with Industry Software including the Autodesk suite, Adobe CS suite and Vectorworks. The College also runs workshops with the Academy of Interactive Entertainment each year. Community Services Students gain first-hand experience with working with Young Children through our links with local Child Care Centres.

Students are consistently given real world models in which to apply their practical and learned knowledge. For instance, students in Fashion and Design have 'mass produced' clothing for the babies and children in our CC Cares program. In Automotive students have repaired and revamped lawnmowers for the Bundaberg Flood victims, whilst in Furniture Construction many students have made practical and ornamental pieces such as wall clocks and Adirondack chairs which have found pride of place in their family homes.

We promote diversity by cultivating a supportive and collaborative teaching and learning environment which contributes directly to preparing our students for a global community. Our Teachers / Trainers recognise the need for increased support for high-impact learning opportunities such as Internships, Work Experience and Structured Workplace Learning.

Students who are currently enrolled in VET courses are required to complete the AQTF Student Survey.

Technology, IT and Vocational Education Faculty Information Flyer

For further information regarding Technology at Canberra College, please contact the Executive Teacher on 6142 3288.