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The Arts Faculty at Canberra College pursues excellence in a diverse and challenging array of performing and creative arts. Students learn in state of the art facilities in the Canberra College Performing Arts Centre showcasing quality and engaging performances and exhibitions for public appreciation.

Our Performing Arts program revolves around a strong commitment to performance.

Our Visual Arts students showcase excellent work in Exhibitions and Competitions.

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Students embrace the opportunity to immerse themselves in their chosen field. Drama students annually tour a devised theatre piece to perform at the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The college Jazz band is critically acclaimed and is invited to perform at many community and ACT Department events. Students perform at the Merimbula and Moruya Jazz Festivals each year. Dance students perform at various community dance and Arts festivals. Students attain significant acclaim in Photography and Visual Art competitions and exhibitions while Media students produce commercial quality documentaries and media projects.

We celebrate diversity and inclusivity by engaging students from various cultural backgrounds and promoting cultural understanding and appreciation. Students participate in the IB Certificate in Art and Drama. Music students choose a tertiary or a Music Industry pathway, and also participate in the ANU Type 1 Program.

Our students value creative learning and have significant opportunities both inside classrooms and outside of the school. Music Industry Students complete work placements at various industry related venues. Media students produce documentaries on behalf of national fundraising bodies.

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APRA 'Songmakers' Workshops at CC 

For further information regarding the Arts at Canberra College, please contact the Executive Teacher on 61423288.