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CCCares @ Canberra College

CCCares @ Canberra College is a program for pregnant and parenting students from the ACT and surrounding districts. CCCares provides flexible delivery of learning and content, towards the receipt of an ACT Senior Secondary Certificate and certified competency-based training.

CCCares @ Canberra College offers:

  • a holistic health service provision in partnership with ACT Health
  • links with external agencies to provide advocacy and support
  • on-site adjunct childcare
  • easy access for CCCares students to additional curriculum offered
  • within the mainstream program, and
  • close proximity to Woden Plaza for work placement opportunities.

At CCCares we have:

  • a Virtual Enterprise environment, which enables the delivery of Business Administration and associated competencies
  • a Hair & Beauty salon, fully equipped and functioning with hair washing points, cutting and styling chairs, and a nail centre. This salon allows students to be involved in competency-based training combined with hands-on experience. This space also enhances student personal grooming, presentation at interviews and how to look good for all occasions
  • a Focus Group room for courses such as Children's Services where students will be engaged in theoretical activities and then engage with our babies and children in our adjunct care environment gaining practical experience and associated competencies. This training and input from students studying their Certificate III in Children's Services also enhances the operation of our daily program for the babies and children of CCCares
  • inside and outside spaces for parent and child to maximise fine and gross motor skills development, learn how to "play" in an appropriate and safe manner and experience the joys of being outdoors
  • a Hospitality suite and coffee nook which will enable the delivery of vocational competencies from a variety of packages, and
  • "home kitchens" to teach good old home cooking to our young mums and dads.

CCCares offers transportation to students and their children
from their homes to school and back again each school day.

CCCares uses Personalised Learning Plans to:

  • help it's students develop the social and emotional intelligences needed to become connected to their chosen community
  • improve the literacy, numeracy and IT skills of all students in CCCares
  • assist them to develop an awareness of local and global issues
  • provide a supportive environment which encourages young people to identify and manage their personal circumstances, and
  • design Pathways Plans with young parents to develop the necessary skills and personal strengths they need to become marketable and employable in the future, thereby assisting them to become financially independent.

CCCares@ Canberra College would like to acknowledge the ongoing assistance
it receives from its numerous supporters across the ACT community.

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Contact: CCCares Deputy Principal

Canberra College
Phone: (02) 61423 464

Useful link to the Australian Young  Pregnant and Parenting Network

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