CCCares cafe

CCCares @ Canberra College Cafe


We are open to the public and available for catering .

Our Café  at Canberra College is a vibrant section within the discovery area of CCCares.

The CCCares Café is staffed by our students undertaking a vocational course through our partnered registered training organization JCE Positive Outcomes.

We enable the delivery of the vocational competencies needed, from a variety of packages and hands on experience by the day to day operations of our café and catering for functions within the college and the community.

Australian School Based Apprenticeship (ASBA)

We facilitate students undertaking an ASBA through our café.

We offer our students the access to gain further training and competencies within our café by being part of the ASBA (Australian School Based Apprenticeship) Program. This program gives the students an opportunity to complete their year 12 and to also gain the employability skills required to follow the pathway of their chosen Vocation, by the time they graduate from Year 12.

We encourage all young people looking to undertake one of these vocational courses to contact us to enquire about a work placement.

Upon completion of a work placement we can assess if you will fit into our work dynamic.

There are limited places available for ASBAs within the café.

Cafe and Catering Enquiries - phone 61423475