International Students

The College has an emphasis on global education with students from over 40 countries worldwide currently attending. We cater for students in their final two years of secondary education. The majority of our international students move on to tertiary study in Australia, especially at the Australian National University and the University of Canberra.

The College offers a wide and diverse range of courses to suit the needs of our students. Our language program includes Mandarin, Japanese, French, and Italian and native speakers of these languages can study them at the advanced level.

All international students are provided with special English courses and tutorials to assist in their integration into the College. Our International Students' Coordinator monitors their academic progress as well as providing advice and assistance on any matters of concern to students.
For application forms please contact:

ACT Education Directorate- International Students 

International Education Unit
ACT Department of Education and Training
PO Box 1584 Tuggeranong ACT 2901
Fax: +61 6205 9239
Telephone: +61  6205 9176

International Exchange Students

Each year Canberra College hosts a number of exchange students from all around the world and a number of our students also enjoy a period of study overseas. Apart from the rewarding cultural experience, exchange students often learn another language, which can be a valuable asset later in life. Having to rely on their own resources in a foreign country invariably means that students develop confidence in their own abilities and a much greater degree of independence.
Each year we  have students visiting us from countries far and wide including : Argentina, Finland, Italy, France, Sweden, and Switzerland on either six or twelve month exchanges.
For more details on student exchanges see our Handbook